Value Nomad Income Report – January 2016

This the income report for this month on this website, and some outlook on strategies that I am trying to come up to make this blog a financially sustainable idea.


I don’t really like the word blog as it reminds me of a diary or something, but the keyword “blog income report” is just too good not be mentioned here.

There are many blogs and websites, such as Smart Passive Income that disclose their reports and I think it is very useful because of two things:

-It shows readers that it is actually possible to create an online endeavour that generates income.

-It clearly states from where and how much each one of this income streams generate revenue.

In this blog I opted for only one stream of monetization, which is affiliate marketing. There is another popular stream of revenue that most people use on their websites: Google Adsense.

I don’t think Google Adsense is an effective way to earn money, as there are many users running adblock add-ons, and also the user behavior is already conditioned to overlook ads.

While affiliate marketing is part of the content, and undetectable by adblock (since it’s purely just an ad anyways).

December was the first full month of working on this blog, it had a traffic of 3,403 unique users and it income came solely from Amazon associates:

-Amazon Associates: 25$

That is certainly not much, as I am investing around 1 hour per day on this blog, which would mean I worked for less than 1 dollar per hour. But, on the other hand, considering the site is brand new, there was no content in it, and December becomes very slow in internet traffic after the 20th, I guess I can have some good perspectives in it.

I want to implement more affiliate programs on the website, maybe something related to tourism and rentals, hosting packages, or other programs that are involved with retail of electronics.



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