Web Developer Salaries in Europe

This post brings an outlook into the web developer salaries in different countries of Europe, with information that might be useful for those willing to enter this job market

Switzerland has the highest IT salaries in Europe – Photo by Kosala Bandara

The web development job market, just like virtually any profession in Europe, has strong contrasts in terms of income when different countries of Europe are analyzed, fact which can be mostly understood since the European continent, and even the European Union, are composed by countries with completely different market profiles, economic growth, GDP per capita, and salary expectations.

Web Developer Salaries in Europe

Below you can see a chart with selected countries in Europe and the average salary for web developers in each one of them, the salaries are gross in Euros per month.


Considerations about the Web Developer Profession

Web developer salaries vary greatly, regardless of the country where the jobs are offered. The main factors which influence the salary of a web developer are their experience and coding skills. While a junior web developer with just skills covering HTML and CSS will probably not get an exciting salary, a senior developer with experience in different frameworks and data base management might earn in one month what a junior developer would take several months to earn on its paycheck.

Salaries and Purchase Power

Another factor that plays a major role especially on the IT field, is the purchase power you can have for the salary you earn. The higher is the demand and the seniority for the jobs available, the higher will be your purchase power in the location in which you will receive your salary, and, as many IT companies have clients from different countries, it can be often a better idea to work as a web developer in a cheaper country, where your salary can be much higher than what the average worker earn in that location.
















22 thoughts on “Web Developer Salaries in Europe”

  1. I see your only UK source is for London, where salaries can be typically 1.5x to 2x the UK average. You cannot claim that the UK average wage is the London average wage.

    • If you open the source for the UK data, you will see that the first number is in fact the national average, and below that, there is the salary data for London. The used data was the national average, divided by twelve and converted to euros.

  2. You need to decide if you analyse Frontend Developer salaries or “HTML coder” as it called in one of sources, because the second one in lower-qualified work that is paid lower of course.
    E.g. here https://jobs.dou.ua/salaries/#period=dec2015&city=Kyiv&title=HTML+Coder&language=&spec=&exp1=0&exp2=10
    you are getting wrong data, so you need to use https://jobs.dou.ua/salaries/#period=dec2015&city=Kyiv&title=Software+Engineer&language=&spec=&exp1=0&exp2=10
    as a source for Frontend Developer salary info.

    • It’s difficult, because for the UA source I was stuck between the HTML coder and the Software Engineer (which may do / know more than a front end dev) so perhaps the best salary figure would be in between those two?

    • Relatively, as explained on the post, it’s rather complex to determine the salary of a web developer, because he might only know html/css and some php, or be a full stack software developer working as a web developer. While a senior developer can easily earn much more than the source mentioned, some less experienced ones earn even less.

  3. In Spain the salary for a WEB developer is around 1000 euros and not 1500. You probably could get paid around 1200 but in no way for around 1500 euros.

  4. Haha, I see a lot of spanish around here. We are talking about averages, and I think Madrid and Barcelona is increasing that average. But the average, is not a good indicator, I would like to see the median of the salaries instead.

    • Yes I would like also to see the median, but this data is very hard to find, while average salaries can be found from different sources and countries.


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