Best Speech to Text App for Google Chrome

In this post we will analyze the best speech to text app available for Google Chrome and why you should use it for blogging

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Speech recognition is a technology that has improved drastically in the last few years. The best speech to text app is extremely accurate and definitely very useful if you have a blog.

NOTE: This article was created using speech to text technology with an accuracy of 95% (punctuation and HTML formatting were added later).

What is Speech Recognition and Speech to Text Apps?

Speech recognition is an extremely complex technology that involves linguistics, electrical engineering, and computing. It analyze a person’s voice and translates it into useful data. In the case of speech to text software it translates accurately spoken words into text.

Speech recognition is a relatively new technology and therefore in most cases it remains quite inaccurate. There are a number of challenges involving the accuracy of speech-to-text technology.

Some of the most important challenges are recognizing the user’s language and accent. Nowadays there are a number of apps which allow you to choose the language and even the accent of the speaker, thus improving the accuracy of speech to text software immensely.

Speech to Text for Generating Written Content

When I was looking for a speech to text free app I had one clear goal. I wanted you produce high-quality articles without having write them. It sounds very contradictory but with speech to text software you can actually do it.

Apart from punctuation and fixing minor mistakes this article was entirely written using speech to text technology. This improves the speed in which I can deliver content. It also allows me to write articles in situations in which otherwise I wouldn’t be able to, especially when using the mobile phone.

Best Speech to Text App for Google Chrome

I briefly research on what would be the best speech to text app for Google Chrome and I quickly found VoiceNote II. The app is pretty straightforward and extremely easy to use.

Once installed the app requires you to select a language and possibly the region where is spoken. In the case of English it has a selection of British, Australian and American (and other) variations. I have selected American English and pressed the microphone icon, when I started to speak I was completely baffled by the accuracy and speed of this app.

I did not time my article production but it seemed really fast and efficient to write this article using VoiceNote II. I believe I will use it frequently and at least partially to improve the speed my website content creation.

Click here to download and install Voice Note 2

It is worth mentioning that the app is free and extremely light to run.

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