Best WordPress Courses for Beginners in 2016

WordPress is huge, and at least basic knowledge of it is fundamental if you work online. Let’s check the Best WordPress courses for beginners in 2016


As a digital nomad or not, anyone who wants to take its online presence seriously must have a website. Even if some people claim a Facebook page and a Whatsapp number might be enough, it’s on the websites that most money can be made. But, Why?

On Websites you can really use Call to Action techniques to effectively make your customers to buy a product, click a link, book a visit, and virtually anything else.

In my opinion, the most versatile CMS, and also the easiest to learn is definitely WordPress. I believe so, not only because WordPress is indeed simple to deal with, but WordPress is essentially the most popular CMS, therefore is quite easy to find tutorials, videos and couses, regardless of your level of command.

Do I Need to Code to Learn WordPress?

The best answer for this is: “as much as you want to”. Nowadays, the number of plugins is huge and the whole setupo of WordPress will probably allow you complete your site without any knowledge of coding. However, there are many little aspects you should know, like using shortcodes, therefore, the courses below are really helpful.

Other Important Things to be Learnt with WordPress

WordPress is a CMS (content management system) running on a server and a domain. If you want to build your website from the start using a CMS yo will also have to buy a domain and a hosting service.

The domain will be your brand name, and the hosting company will provide the server in which your WordPress site will be hosted. Dealing with all this in most of the cases also does not require any coding, and some of the best WordPress courses for beginners below also cover these aspects (getting a domain and a hosting service).

Personally I can recommend getting your hosting plan from Bluehost, they are quite affordable and reliable. You can also get your domains from them, or alternatively from Namecheap or Godaddy. Here is an extensive Bluehost review you could check in order to get a wider perspective on the service.

List of the Best WordPress Courses for beginners

Allow me to stress that the courses below are intended for complete beginners in WordPress, if you have previously created websites for you, or you want to get into complex settings that require coding on WordPress, you have probably covered most things on these courses.

The selection of courses below covers pretty much all the aspects you need to know going from zero knowledge of website development to running complete WordPress sites. They include the basic aspects as setting your host and domain, installing WordPress on your server, running and managing the website.

Depending on the type of website you have, you may need simpler or more complicated courses. If you want only to build a nice looking website without many functionalities, the first lessons of some of the courses might be enough. If you want to implement monetization techniques to your website, and integrate payment systems on them, it will require a higher level of effort and taking the courses and lessons which will cover these aspects.

WordPress for Beginners – Master WordPress Quickly

Author:Andrew Williams

Click here to check this course on Udemyicon

This is probably the best course to take if you a complete beginner on WordPress. It covers the very basic aspects of WordPress from initial installation to basic operating tasks like dealing with permalinks and widgets. The course has 8.5 hours divided in 74 different lectures.

WordPress Marketing: Profits With Powerful WordPress Plugins

Author:Dennis J. Smith

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This course covers not only the basics of WordPress, but it also strong marketing insight on how to make your WordPress stand out on your niche. It teaches how to connect your social medias with your WordPress site, handling mailing lists with MailChimp, and other exciting aspects of WordPress marketing.

Create a business website with WordPress

Author:Patrick Gerrits

Click here to check this course on Udemy

This course is especially appealing if you are a small business owner and want to develop your website without paying a hefty fee to a digital agency. Building a website for a small business that doesn’t require a high level of client – server integration is quite easy, and you will save a lot of money if you acquire this skill.

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