iOTA ONE Review, 2 in 1 Laptop (UK)

iOTA ONE review: let’s check in this post why the iOTA ONE is one of the best selling 2 in 1 tablet laptops in the UK market this year.

Are you looking for an extremely budget laptop able to run all your daily tasks on Windows 10? Check the iOTA ONE in this review, and find out why this 2 in 1 budget tablet laptop is among the best available in the United Kingdom in 2017.

iota one tablet uk

iOTA ONE: Overview

If you have just found about the iOTA ONE and you don’t know its brand, don’t worry. While the brand is still pretty unknown, this laptop is a great value for the money device available in 2017.

The good news is that iOTA is a UK based brand, which focus in building budget tablet PCs. According to their website, the iOTA ONE is their main product, bringing a perfect balance between power, portability and an affordable price.

Apart from that, the iOTA support seems pretty active, and they use various channels as a point of communication with their customers. In other words, if you have any problem with your iOTA tablet PC, you can sort it out with their support. Many other brands do not provide such a good support, and in some cases, they do not even have a website or a contact number.

Quick Specs

iOTA ONE, 10.1-Inch 2-in-1 Laptop – (Black) (Intel Quad Core Atom 1.8 GHz Processor, 2 GB RAM, 32GB eMMC Storage, Windows 10)

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Processor Intel Atom 1.8 GHz
Display 10.1 inches
Storage 32 GB eMMC

iOTA ONE: Design and Display

Now, let’s talk about the device itself. It is no surprise that this 2 in 1 tablet PC is extremely versatile, as you can use it as a tablet and a PC (pretty obviously).  It uses pretty well finished materials, and it looks and feels more expensive than its real price.

It’s dimensions are also pretty compact, with an overall low weight just above one kilo. Its 10.1 inch screen is good to work in both tablet or laptop mode, and it is pleasant to use it even for hours in a row. Its resolution of 800 x 1280 pixels is excellent for its 10 inch screen, and you can watch movies in good quality, as well as use Skype to chat with your friends or family.

iOTA ONE: Hardware

Now, let’s analyze its hardware, which is obviously the most important aspect of any 2 in 1 tablet laptop. The processor is an Intel Atom Quad Core, which is pretty fast and found in similarly priced budget laptops. Despite being slower than Core i3’s or i5’s from the latest generations, if manages Windows 10 tasks rather smoothly.

Apart from its processor, it comes with 2 GB RAM. This is certainly not one of the highlights of this 2 in 1 tablet laptop, as 2 GB RAM will not mean an amazing performance for your computer. However, if you want to use it for simple tasks like text editing, web browsing and video streaming, it still behaves fairly well.

Finally, we have its storage to analyze. It comes with a 32 GB eMMC storage, which is enough to run Windows 10 and its most popular software. This type of storage is the standard for affordable tablets and laptops. If you need more space you can use a powerful USB flash drive to have more storage space.

iOTA ONE: Connectivity

The iOTA ONE has a pretty good connectivity setup for its price. It features the following ports: Micro USB, Micro HDMI and an USB. Other than that, you can connect it to the internet using its WiFi. Finally, it also features Bluetooth.


  • Extremely compact dimensions
  • Versatile and affordable 2 in 1 tablet PC
  • Running Windows 10


  • Low storage capacity
  • Low RAM memory (2 GB)


The iOTA ONE is definitely a good choice if you need a device always ready to be with you at all occasions. Its price and quality are definitely attractive, but if you need a personal computer to do more complex work or sit on it long hours, you should consider some more expensive options.

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