Jumper EZpad 5SE Tablet PC Review

The Jumper EZpad 5SE Tablet PC featured in this review is an excellent choice if you are looking for a powerful table with keyboard at an attractive price

Today we will analyze a versatile device that can be easily used as a tablet or a notebook. The Jumper EZpad 5SE is a tablet PC with optimal energy consumption and aimed at users prioritizing versatility.

The Jumper Brand

Jumper is a Chinese brand focused on tablets and lightweight laptops with good performance and lower energy consumption. Most of their currently available models have processors with very low TDP, which allows the devices to have an optimal energy management.

If you are looking for an affordable device running Windows 10, Jumper is an excellent option.

Jumper EZpad 5SE: Overview

The Jumper EZpad 5SE is a versatile tablet PC with a detachable keyboard, and an electromagnetic pen to use on its 10 inch touchscreen.

It has a very economic hardware setup in terms of energy consumption. Nonetheless, this tablet PC manages to have a good performance running on Windows 10 64 bit. This is, in my opinion, a great advantage when compared to similarly priced tablets running on Android.

You can work on the EZpad both plugged and on battery. The battery has a capacity of 6600 mAh, which is quite satisfactory.

Jumper EZpad 5SE: Design

The design is certainly one of the most relevant highlights about the Jumper EZpad 5SE. Apart from an elegant, black style, its design is also highly functional.

With its detachable keyboard, touchscreen and electromagnetic pen, you have a number of modes to work with. You can easily switch from the tablet to the laptop mode, and even carry they keyboard only when needed.

This tablet PC also has pretty compact dimensions. It is 28 cm wide and the size of the tablet plus keyboard is under 1 kg.

The Jumper EZpad is one of the most versatile tablets released in 2016, thanks to its multiple mode design and structure.

The Intel Cherry Trail Z8300

The Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 is a ultra low voltage quad core processor and powers the EZpad 5SE. Released in 2015, this processor is aimed mostly, but not exclusively, to tablets, due to its energy efficiency and cost.

It has a base frequency of 1.4 GHz and a maximum burst of 1.8 GHz. Perhaps the biggest limitation of this processor is related to its memory size. However, for a device like the 5SE, it suits perfectly.

Storage and Connectivity

This tablet PC performs very well in terms of connectivity. It comes with 2 USB ports, one 2.0 and one 3.0. It also features other ports such as mini HDMI, a micro USB and a TF (SD) card slot.

In terms of space, it comes with 64 GB eMMC ROM storage, which is more than the average for similarly priced tablets. However, it may not be enough depending on your usage, so I recommend buying an USB stick if you need more space.


The display on this tablet PC is quite impressive. It has a 10.6 inch screen with Full HD resolution, which is above average even for tablets in superior price ranges.

The dynamic touchscreen with Full HD will allow you full flexibility to work directly on the screen and also to watch your favorite movies and videos.


The Jumper EZpad 5SE is an optimal solution if you want a reliable device to work at any location. It is lightweight, sturdy and ideal to use outdoors or when travelling.

The fact that it runs on Windows 10 and has a detachable keyboard, puts this Jumper tablet ahead most of its competitors.

Jumper EZpad 5SE Tablet PC with Keyboard – BLACK


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Processor Intel Cherry Trail Z8300
Display 10.6 inch Full HD
Storage 64 GB eMMC

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