Property Partner Review (Real Estate Crowdfunding)

Property Partner review: let’s analyze one of the biggest UK real estate investing platforms available for international investors

Do you want to invest in the UK property market using real estate crowdfunding? In this Property Partner review we will analyze why this real estate investment platform is one of the best available not only in the UK, but in Europe as a whole.

property partner review

Property Partner Review: Why You Should Invest in the British Real Estate Crowdfunding Market?

If you are new to crowd investing and other peer to peer platforms, one of the best ways to start is choosing a real estate investing platform like Property Partner. The company, based in London, is one of the pioneers in real estate crowd investing, and is also one of the biggest in the market.

Property Partner currently has properties all over the UK. It has in fact one of the most varied investment portfolios among all crowd investing and peer 2 peer platforms reviewed on Value Nomad to date.

Investing on Property Partner allows you to generate income from basically two sources. One is the rental yield that every property on the platform provides. The other source of income comes from the property valuation over the years. You can sell your shares to other investors inside the platform anytime, or use the opportunity to resell it to the platform at market price (after a 5 year period).

Let’s learn more below in our Property Partner review about what the platform has to offer and how to invest using it.

Opening an Account on Property Partner

One of the first steps to use any crowd investment or peer to peer platform is opening an account. This in all cases involves passing through AML/KYC procedures. The good news is that Property Partner is opened to investors worldwide, and in most cases all you have to provide is an ID document and an utility bill to get verified.

Once you register using your email address and pass the KYC verification, you are set to start investing. Let’s learn more about this step below.

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How to Invest in Property Partner

After you open an account using your email and passing the KYC verification, you will be ready to add funds to your Property Partner account.

As of 2018, you have two ways of adding funds to your account. The first is using a debit card, which is not the best in my opinion, but a good option if you have a GBP account. The second option is by bank transfer and I believe this way you can get better rates from your bank, especially if you are an investor from outside the UK.

Types of Investment Available at Property Partner

This is certainly one of the main advantages of Property Partner. The amount of properties, and the type of estates available to invest on Property Partner is among the highest in all of the current European real estate platforms.

Property Partner offers a wide range of real estate, with different profiles. That includes residential and commercial states. It offers opportunities both in flats and houses, so you can really diversify your investment portfolio according to your preferences. The platform is very flexible and dynamic, constantly adding new properties for investors.

Below we can see a map of the properties available for investment on Property Partner as of late 2018:

property partner review

How Much Can you Earn on Property Partner?

That is probably the most relevant question for all investors looking for new crowd investing platforms. While real estate profits may be slightly more conservative than other, more riskier platforms, the revenue adds up if you consider the property’s valuation over time.

As of late 2018, Property Partner states a profit of 7.3% per annum as the average of all properties. That includes both the rental income added the property valuation over time.

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Here are some estates on Property Partner and they respective key data (2018):

Who can Invest on Property Partner?

This is certainly one of the biggest advantages in regards to investing on Property Partner. Virtually any one can invest on Property Partner, including UK residents but also international investors.

Considering that many UK crowd investing platforms are not opened to international investors, Property Partner is a great opportunity to invest in the British real estate market while living overseas

Property Partner Pros

  • Excellent platform to invest in the British real estate market.
  • Open to international investors.
  • Large real estate portfolio with properties all across the UK.

Property Partner Cons

  • Currently only offers real estate investments in the UK.

Property Partner Review: Verdict

Property Partner is probably the most complete platform if you want to invest exclusively on real estate using crowd investment platforms in Europe. Its portfolio of properties is really wide, and it even took me quite a while to analyze all of their properties, as they are dozens.

As of late 2018, Property Partner is managing more than 120 million pounds in assets, making of it one of the biggest crowdfunding real estate platforms in the world.

The fact that they are opened to foreign investors, and that there is a strong demand and stability in the British real estate market just add up to the attractiveness of the platform.

Other Crowd Investing Resources

For those looking for other crowd investing platforms, you may want to read some of our other reviews. There are many real estate investing platforms and peer to peer lending and investing platforms currently available. You can and should diversify your interest income by using several of them simultaneously.

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Are you already investing in Property Partner or in any other real estate crowd investing platform? Leave your thoughts and questions about this Property Partner review below.

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