Crowdestor Review (Crowdfunding Platform)

Crowdestor review: let’s analyze in this post one of the newest and most innovative Europe crowdfunding platforms available for international investors.

Are you searching for new opportunities in the crowd investing market? Check our Crowdestor review below and learn the main features about this crowd investing platform from Northern Europe.

crowdestor review

Crowdestor Review: Why Crowd Investing?

Crowd investing continues to grow in Europe and globally, and today we will review Crowdestor, one of the most innovative among European crowd investing platforms. Incorporated in Estonia and operating out of Riga, Latvia, Crowdestor brings more option to users willing to diversify their portfolio of investments.

One of the most interesting aspects of Crowdestor is that they provide loans to a rather diversified types of projects. While many fintech companies focus on traditional peer to peer loans and investment in real estate, Crowdestor offers projects in a number of different sectors. Among these, Crowdestor offers investments in real estate, transport, start ups and hospitality.

Let’s learn more below in our Crowdestor review about what the platform has to offer and how to invest using it.

Opening an Account on Crowdestor

Like most of the crowd funding and peer to peer investing platforms, opening an account in Crowdestor is a pretty straightforward process. All you need is an email address to open your account.

Once your account is opened you will have to pass the usual AML/KYC procedure. On Crowdestor you need to provide a photo ID (passport or ID card). The verification process was made in less than 24 hours when I created my account.

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How to Invest in Crowdestor?

Once you get your account opened and verified, the next step is to add funds to your account. Unlike some other fintech investment platforms, you do not need to have an European bank account in order to invest in Crowdestor.

Currently, the only way to deposit money on Crowdestor. Once you click on “add” on your account dashboard, you will have the bank account details to make your investment through Crowdestor.

Types of Investment Available at Crowdestor

Crowdestor has one of its strongest points when it comes to the type of investment projectors. As mentioned above, it offers interesting projectors in different sectors for users to invest.

Among the projects available on Crowdestor (including the ones successfully funded) I would like to highlight two of them. One is The Catch restaurant, and the other is a shoe brand called INCH².

The Catch is an Izakaya style restaurant, a growing trend originally from Japan. The first The Catch restaurant was opened in Riga and I had the pleasure to visit it myself. The project is quite interesting, and considering the amount of good reviews on different platforms, I can say it has been a success so far. The Catch is going to open a new restaurant, this time in Berlin, now partially funded by Crowdestor.

INCH² is a handmade luxury footwear from Latvia, and is another successful project with part of the funds coming from Crowdestor. They bring the refinement of getting a handmade shoe, tailored to your measurements, with the power of the internet. It offers worldwide delivery an it is a brand from Latvia.

Crowdestor has other projects, although the number of them is not very large for the time being. As the company grows I expect Crowdestor to have a considerably higher amount of projects available.

How Much Can you Earn on Crowdestor?

Crowdestor offers great interest rates, and is definitely worth trying. Currently, my portfolio has an interest rate per annum of 17.5%, which is just excellent.

According to Crowdestor website, projects have interest rates starting at 15%.

crowdestor review projects

Who can Invest on Crowdestor?

Users from virtually all countries can invest on Crowdestor.  As mentioned above, you don’t need an European bank account to make your investment. The Crowdestor team guaranteed that they are pretty flexible in regards to adding new users. As long as you have a bank account and you pass AML, you will be able to invest in almost all cases.

In order for your account to be approved faster, ideally you should have a ban account in EU/EEC. If our bank account is outside EU/EEC it can take a little longer then 24h, as a broader AML procedure is required.

Crowdestor Pros

  • Unique investment opportunities in diversified projects.
  • Opportunity to earn more as an early investor in projects.
  • Easy and smooth UI
  • Opened to investors globally.

Crowdestor Cons

  • Relatively low number of projects.
  • No Auto Invest tool as of 2018.

Crowdestor Review: Verdict

Crowdestor is one of the newest players in the crowd investing growing market, and I believe it will grow steadily. The platform is smooth, the projects are interesting and the interest are very appealing.

The main downside for the time being at Crowdestor is the relatively low number of projectors. As the company grows I believe this will not be a problem as it will be diversified.

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Are you already investing in Crowdestor or in any other peer to peer lending platform? Leave your thoughts and questions about this Crowdestor review below.

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